Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weather for the next 5 days

All predictions are approx.
Wednesday April 1st mostly cloudy, high in 80F/low in upper 60F
Thursday April 2nd cloudy, chance of showers high in upper 80F/low in upper 60F         
Friday April 3rd cloudy/showers, chance of thunderstorms, high in mid 80F/low in mid 60F
Saturday April 4th partly sunny, high in mid 80F/low in upper 60F       
Sunday April 5th cloudy, chance of showers, high in 80F/low in mid 60F      
Archive suggests:-

Average expected High, low to mid 80F
Average expected Low, high 50F to low 60F
Average expected High, 80F to low 90F
Average expected Low, mid to high 60F
Average expected High, low 90F
Average expected Low, high 60F to low 70F

More archive and weather information can be found on our web-site:-


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